CE Logistics is a professional international logistics group company. Our network is mainly based in Southeast Asia countries which include Cambodia, China, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

We have continuously integrated and provided high-quality logistics services in Southeast Asian countries. Based on this, the company has a wide range of integrated high-quality logistics services such as international freight forwarding, customs clearance, inland transportation, warehouse, and distribution integrated services.

To empower every person and every organization to “experience” the true meaning of logistic forwarding that we have promised to flourish and withstand the ever-competitive and fast-paced market.
We ensure that we are committed to bringing the best experience in freight forwarding to all our customers and clients with excellence in engagement, brilliance in customer satisfaction, precise pin-point delivery, and fineness in safety. We are also determined to strive and will always go the extra mile to achieve our goals in whatever we do. With this, ‘EXPERIENTIAL FORWARDING’ is our company's promise.
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